Audiotalaia Summer Camp

Audiotalaia Summer Camp is a workshop, a residency and a collective experience centered around creativity, sound and technology. The meeting looks after shaping a creative practice focused on sound and driven by a collective workflow. The Camp joins every summer, since 2016, young and creative people involved in the fields of fine arts, music, design, architecture, photography, filmmaking, etc. The goal is to assemble a group of unique and diverse individuals that aim to integrate sound into their personal creative processes, from a wide variety of disciplines, cultures and backgrounds. Audiotalaia Summer Camp is a creative meeting in which the sound, the technology and the landscape are being approached in several creative processes along nine days. The whole program has been designed to focus attention and efforts on the practical aspect of a learning process. Theoretical and conceptual side of the artistic practice will be spread across feedback sessions, open debates and daily workflow. The stay is divided in two main stages: the first is focused on building a collaborative framework through tutored and daily projects tackling various formats within the sound art practice with a strong focus on process, feedback and collective debate. The second part of the camp focuses on development of a series of projects in which participants will have to collectively shape installations, concerts and performances that will be presented during a final event open to local audiences and general public. All activities during the camp will revolve around aspects such as listening experiences, composition, field recordings, installation, sound sculptures, site-specific interventions, live performances among others. Summer camp is a collective and living together experience. This means that participants will share various rooms with bunks or beds and common spaces. The creative and experimental tasks are combined with several daily routines in which the group will work as a team. This stay is a process of immersion and intensive work: a week to work, learn and share collectively. Audiotalaia Summer Camp is an initiative lead by musician, producer and sound artist Edu Comelles, external collaborators and Alberg Rural El Polell.