EL ARRECIADO, Simposio Internacional de la #Lana, Castilla la Mancha.

This working symposium offers a “thinking outside the box” opportunity. To get away from one’s usual creative thought patterns, routine and place. To be free to investigate with a new medium, use different building techniques, to document, think, write, sketch etc.
It is geared towards a shared creative time with other art professionals, where exchanging thought about art-work is possible. It provides 6 days solely for art practice, in close contact with a beautiful natural environment.
Witness the shearing process and then use the wool for your creative practice. Wool is
available for 3 days to make ephemeral works, which will be dismantled after the
symposium, when the wool will be taken for spinning. Artists have an opportunity to use it in this “in-between” phase – the no-man’s land of sheep’s wool – while it sits and waits its final outcome!!


 Culturhaza, Córdoba.

Casa de labor con 7,5 Ha de regadío en el valle del Guadalquivir. Se desarrolla un proyecto agrario creativo: agrolandart. Este término se refiere a la creación de un paisaje vivo a través de una gestión mitad agraria, mitad artística, con los presupuestos del pensamiento ecológico.

A labor house and 7,5 Ha of irrigation farmland at Guadalquivir valley. Develops a creative-agricultural project: agrolandart. This term alludes to the creation of a living landscape through a half agrarian, half artistic management, on ecological thought assumptions.